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Home Maker & Personal Care

We can design individualized care plans according to the client's Individual Service Plan to meet their needs and goals. Our home health aids also provide personal care, light housework, food prep, and companionship. We work to give our clients the opportunity to stay immersed, and involved in the community, protect their rights, help build self-confidence, and support independence.


Shared Living

In our shared living setting, we provide around-the-clock care, encourage independence, and push for our clients to have a high quality of life. Clients can feel confident that their health matters will be addressed — without sacrificing their normal daily routines.

White Minibuses

Non-Medical Transportation

Our transportation services help our clients get from point A to point B efficiently. Our client's safety is our top priority and our staff are prepared to guarantee safe travels.


Respite Care

With respite care, we can help provide for the needs of our clients when you need us the most. Our compassionate caregiver's primary focus is on our client's health, quality of life, and well-being.

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CPR & First Aid Training

All of our caregivers are CPR and first aid Trained and we extend the training to others. If you are looking to be trained, we can provide classes with our licensed trainers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you are interested in a class.


Adult DayHab

At 360 Total Care, we provide a day habilitation program for individuals with developmental disabilities. We provide an environment for personal enrichment and growth through a wide range of integrated learning experiences designed to support the needs and desires of each client. All while focusing on community engagement and goal-focused activities.

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In Good Hands

Ohio Department of Aging Services

We provide services under the Ohio Department of Aging to give the elderly the care they need to live their best quality of life. Services include homemaker & personal care, non-medical, transportation, and respite care.

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